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Dry Cleaners 

  Fast and Reliable Dry Cleaners in Los Angeles

Cleaners Depot is one of Los Angeles’ top dry cleaners. With services like dry cleaning delivery, we assist our clients in getting their items cleaned and returned fast. We have three convenient locations in Los Angeles and have extended service hours in all three stores.


Dry cleaning delivery is a convenient perk for choosing Cleaners Depot. With a hectic lifestyle, you may not always have the time to pick up your dry cleaning. Our delivery service saves you time and money. Contact us today to make arrangements for a team member to pick up and deliver your dry cleaning. We offer this as a one-time offering or can make arrangements for regular delivery service. Your clothing can be picked up and returned to any home or office in our Los Angeles service area. Our dry cleaners will return your suits, dresses, bedding, luggage, and more in a few short days as good as new. Instead of wasting time running back and forth to the dry cleaners, you spend the time on more important things.


Dry cleaning delivery charges from the Cleaners Depot are very low cost with discounts available for bulk and regular orders. Dry cleaning items are always kept in a protective bag to keep your clothes looking and smelling fresh.


Dry cleaners from Cleaners Depot are experts in the industry. We have experience in cleaning basic items such as suits and dresses, but also take meticulous care of specialty items including down comforters and duvets.


Contact Cleaners Depot today to set up your next dry cleaning delivery order. Our locations are in the Century City and Downtown Los Angeles areas of the city. Pickup and delivery jobs can be booked by phone or requested by email.

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