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  Same Day Dry Cleaning 

  Same Day Dry Cleaning in Los Angeles

When you need your dry cleaning done fast, Cleaners Depot is here for you. With same day dry cleaning services, we get your clothes ready quicker than ever.


Same day dry cleaning is one of our most requested services. When you live in the Los Angeles area, your schedule is likely jam packed. There are some times that you need to get your clothes cleaned, dried, and pressed in hours instead of days. Maybe you have a plan to catch that evening. Or an important meeting that requires you to look your best. Cleaners Depot is available to help in these situations and more.


Same day service doesn’t mean our dry cleaning service is compromised. Same day orders will have the same exceptional service as all over orders. Same day service orders are available for pick up with the same business day several hours later. There is also an option for early morning pickup the next day. If your dry cleaning is done before your scheduled time, we can contact you to come in sooner for your pieces.


All dry cleaning pieces are ready to wear and can be worn immediately by our customers. We promise quality services with affordable prices. Same day dry cleaning service offerings are done right on a budget.


Same day dry cleaning services are available for a variety of apparel and accessories. We are able to accommodate numerous apparel pieces, bedding, and accessory dry cleaning requests. Some items require specialty care and we are able to clean the item thoroughly while keeping the material intact. When we return the item to you, it will look as good as new. Any questions you have about our service offerings, including same day dry cleaning, please contact us. We offer flexible timeframes and can work with your schedule.

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